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ello. I'm Bob Lewis and seven years ago I founded eCognisant Limited, the company that owns amongst numerous other domains. With a background of 35 years-plus in the corporate IT market - from engineering to sales and marketing - I've worked with both the #2 hardware and #2 software companies in the global market as well as with much smaller companies. I'm no stranger to large monthly paychecks, having held a number of $high-five and $six-figure annual salary positions, but on their own they can't deliver the lifestyle of working from home in your own business.

These days then, I do work from home, and, using my experience, the goal of Top3-WorkAtHome-BestProducts, is to help people, probably just like you, navigate successfully through the on-line information overload and get straight to the best "work at home" products around, the ones that will get you up and running ... fast!

So... as you can see, I have rated below, three such separate products. Please review them carefully and make your choice. Heck, you can't go far wrong if you pick all three, but if I were you I would go with just one to start. That said, then if you really are looking to build your own work from home business, pulling $10k or more a month*, then  take advantage of the 12 years-plus "Work-At-Home-Business" experience of John Raygoza. His program has brought some serious financial independence to many people. I wish there'd been products as good as this around when I started seven years ago, I'd have saved a TON of time AND money.

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Approved Program #1: Your Affiliate Success
Best Month: $212,810*
Your Affiliate Success

The Your Affiliate Success package is my first and most powerful pick. Here's why...John Paul Raygoza has been around for years. He's been honored with a lot of respectful titles in his field, but the most accurate description of him is, "The Your Affiliate Success" Man.

At an earlier time, he worked behind the scenes as many a famous marketer's "secret weapon" or, better yet, their "super affiliate". But during the past year or so he made the decision to go public with his "automated work at home, money making secrets".

These days he's internationally recognized as a "philanthropic marketing genius" because not only has he finally revealed the secrets to his online success, he's also showing his members how to clone his most successful methods. 

John Paul Raygoza, as much as he'd like to think he's a lazy millionaire, has actually worked extremely hard to deliver exactly what the average Joe or  Jane needs in order to earn big money online, and do it with as little time and effort as possible.

Best Feature: The automated ready-to-sell websites that you get have to be most incredible feature in this. Think about the amount of time, money and effort you'll save by not having to bust a gut trying to find and create your own product and website. With this you get both provided for you.

Approved Program #2: 1% M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula
Best Month: $23,917*

The "M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula", created by Alex, is another one of my highest paying and easiest "make money and work at home" recommendations. Alex is fast becoming a household name in the “How To Make Money Online” industry. It's such great encouragement for a seasoned veteran like me and even more so for anyone new to the internet's work-at-home industry that needs to start making money quickly. The "M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula" is a groundbreaking achievement. In only 72 hours I implemented the methods and began to make money like clockwork... given time, about 2 months, as much as $1,175 a day and growing!

Best Feature: The incredibly fast speed with which you can begin to make money online. I mean, it's really impressive.

Approved Program #3: The Affiliate Conspiracy
Best Month: $16,912*
The Affiliate Conspiracy

Eric Rockefeller has come up trumps again. His program, "The Affiliate Conspiracy" hits the mark perfectly. With the recent release of this program Eric has definitely got me and the rest of the world excited.

This brand new program has an unbelievably comprehensive arsenal of information - all you need in fact to become successful online. It is designed to turn any average guy into a super-successful online entrepreneur. 

I've spent over 35 years in the IT business and been an Internet user for almost 30 of those (yes I AM that old!) but I've never seen before a members area that is so fully loaded. It has all the powerful tips, information and tools that you'll need to start your own profitable, automated, online home business in minimal time and for such a minimal price. 

Now, without making any promises - but please read our earnings disclaimer below - this program can genuinely offer you the opportunity to enter the 6-figure annual income bracket. Absolutely nothing has been left out. If you really want to learn how to make money online or if you've ever wanted to start a profitable home business, working only a few short hours a week, then this is an opportunity you won't want to miss.

Best Feature: This is a highly automated system and overall payouts are pretty high. They have top caliber customer support so you're sure to be satisfied!